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kmfshaadiyan kmfshaadiyan asked: OMG!:) I am totally love your blog like why couldn't I have found you before yaar ?:) Ily<3

Ah OMG we love your face! Thank you so much!!! This is seriously so sweet and it means so much to us! Stay fabulous our super hot samosa!! 

Anonymous Anonymous asked: what do you think about shane dawson's blackface?

Okay, well I know he made an apology video talking about how he never meant to be offensive or anything, but I think something that everyone needs to realize is that even though you don’t mean for something to be hateful or offensive it very easily still can be. More so, I feel like his actions and videos, even though he never intended them to,  perpetuated racism and stereotypes. For example, a lot of times people throw around the phrase “That’s gay!” or “you’re gay” using the word “gay” as an insult, and more often than not people don’t mean it in a way to put down homosexuals. However, using the word “gay” in a derogatory manner perpetuates homophobia. I feel that some of his videos emulated some of those same concepts. I also think it was very important for him to make an apology video and own up to his mistakes, along with taking responsibility and removing all the potentially hurtful videos, and the people that feel he didn’t need to make an apology and that his videos were just for fun and have no long lasting effect are ignorant.

Anonymous Anonymous asked: Do you do Sri Lankan things?

Sri Lankans eat. We eat. Yes?


There is just no nice way to eat gol gapay.

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I’d take jaan over bae any day

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I can hear my mom’s laugh from three houses away

if you don’t like it when people say, “white people” consider how the rest of the world feels when their race gets turned into an irrelevant mascot or Halloween costume


talk to the haath kyun k shakal bohat badsoorat hai thanks

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If you find a piece of hair on something, it’s probably mine



Bollywood has ruined my life. Whenever my dupatta gets caught on something I always hope that something is a really hot guy. 

The only thing I know about true love at this point in my life is that it has something to do with gulab jaman

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