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Eid Mubarak to all of our wonderful Gulab Jamans that celebrate it!

Eid Mubarak to all of our wonderful Gulab Jamans that celebrate it!

Can’t wait until I’m old so people will have to give up their seats for me

“Because one fridge just isn’t enough”

ancient brown proverb of all desi moms in the history of desi moms

Anonymous Anonymous asked: you posts are clever so sorry if i'm bombarding you with all the notes :)

Ahh! Thank you so much, but hahah no! Don’t be sorry! I wish you weren’t on anon!! We love following all of our fabulous puthars. Stay awesome our spicy keema!

being-greekistani being-greekistani asked: Wait I was scrolling through your blog and someone asked about appna!! Are you guys going to the one in dc this summer? Me and my friends are :)

Ah! We were really planning on it!! But the way things are looking I don’t think we’ll be able to make it :( This makes me so sad, we were really looking forward to meeting some of you guys! I hope you have fun though! Make sure to eat some Ben & Jerry’s from the Harbor for us while you’re there!! Stay awesome our tangy chaat!

myneighbortotaoro myneighbortotaoro asked: Have one of you guys ever been to Tiffin on Devon?

DEVON STREET?! Seriously every time we go to chicago my dad makes sure to book a hotel close to Devon, like we don’t go for the malls or for the architecture of Chicago it’ll be an entire weekend devoted to Devon Street. I haven’t ever heard of Tiffin though, but feel free to tell us about it because if it’s anything like Devon it’s probably worth a look see.


(my last trip to Devon street)

Anonymous Anonymous asked: Love your blog!!!!! #indiarepresent

Haha, awe shucks you’re makin’ us blush! thank you so much!! stay happy our ladoo! 

yeahispeakpunjabi yeahispeakpunjabi asked: OMG, I just discovered your blog. IT'S MY NEW FAVORITE!

OMG, thank you so much, this seriously means so much to us!! Welcome to the justyouraveragedesi family! Stay fabulous our tray of Jalebi! 

gryffindorsandlionhearts gryffindorsandlionhearts asked: Your blog gives me life in a time when chemistry concepts suck sustenance out of me like mosquitoes

Ah!! This gives us so much life, we’re so glad we were able to help fight the battle against the wretched Chemistry. Chemistry 0 Being Brown and awesome 1. Stay fabulous our garam garam chai!

Anonymous Anonymous asked: Hey so I'm the guy who asked about the whole "dupatta halfway on at weddings" thing and tbh I thought you would be more creeped out by it lol

HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO MARRY YOU IF YOU’RE ON ANON!? Hahah, awe, no, why would you think we’d be creeped out by that poetic justice of a statement? Seriously it was really sweet and refreshing to see someone take notice and appreciate the little things. Stay awesome our beautiful samosa!

Anonymous Anonymous asked: what ru doing right this moment O.O

O.O right this moment, I am listening to John Mayer and answering all these beautiful questions in our asks :>

My parents will manage to find a brown restaurant to eat at regardless of what state, city, country, continent, planet they’re in 

It took Ted 9 seasons to tell his “How I Met Your Mother” story, while it takes my dad 10 minutes tops to tell his. 

Yeah summer bodies are nice but so are those samosa’s over there

“your mother in law is going to think i taught you nothing”

ancient desi mom proverb  (via ratifizierteswunschdenken)

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